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Right, this page is still under heavy development, but I decided to put it up here anyway, just for you. Ain't I nice? (send me money now!!) Anyhow, 'tis a page full of scouting-badge-thingies (and some more random stuff). You know, those kind of thingies you can put on a scouting-uniform. Everything that is currently on here isn't on my scouting-uniform, since my uniform is in Oosterwolde, and my scanner is in Zeist. So it is stuff that used to be on my uniform, but is not on there now for several reasons (eg. there are newer versions, they are ugly, or I would be caught dead with them on there). Also some stuff that was never on it (swapped stuff). Anyway, blah blah. I will try to scan the stuff on my uniform some time, and then I will actually explain what everything is. For now, sometimes the ALT-text of the images might explain stuff. Or it might not. Yadayada.
(oh, about the title? I just like the song, alright? got a problem with that?)


BP-tocht 1999: Buitenpost (name-ribbon)

BP-tocht 2001: Harlingen (name-ribbon)

BP-tocht 2002: Sneek (name-ribbon)

BP-tocht 2003: Buitenpost (name-ribbon)


Labelterrein Dwingeloo (badge)

Labelterrein Dwingeloo 50 jaar (badge) Pinksterkamp Dwingeloo 40 jaar (leather)

Pinksterkamp Dwingeloo 1995: Spoken in het Bos (button) Pinksterkamp Dwingeloo 2003: Naamplaatje (button)

Labelterrein Dwingeloo (name-ribbon)


Explorock 2002 (name-ribbon)

Europese Jamboree

European Jamboree 1994: Join the Stars (badge)

European Jamboree 1994: Friendship Award (badge)

European Jamboree 1994: Subkamp 3 - Gemini (button) European Jamboree 1994: Subkamp 4 - Serpens (button)

Friese Jamboree

Frysl‚n Jamboree 1995: Hjoed-de-Dei (badge)

Frysl‚n Jamboree 1995: World Jamboree (leather)

Groups, Regions, Countries

Dr. AriŽnsgroep - Deventer (name-ribbon)

Dr. AriŽns-Buette Groep - Deventer (name ribbon) (click to see full size)

Trekvogels Groep - Haren en Paterswolde (name-ribbon)

Scouting van Maasdijk - Heereveen (name-ribbon)

Scouting van Maasdijk: Athabascan Stam - Heereveen (name-ribbon)

Ashby and Coalville Distric - England (badge) Canada (badge)

Scotland (badge)


Biezenhutters 10 jaar (name-ribbon)

Doldersum 5 jaar (badge)


Patrouille: Arenden (badge) Panda / WNF (badge)

Regio Frysl‚n SŻd (badge) Speltak: Stam (badge)

Speltak: Explorers (badge)

Baden-Powell (badge)


Start-insigne (badge) Insigne koken (badge)

Insigne EHBO (badge) Insigne computer (badge)

Insigne natuur (badge) Insigne sport (badge)


Nieuwjaarsduik 2004 - Delfzijl (vane)

80 jaar ledenactiviteit Friesland (vane) Jardingaloop 1996 (vane)

Noordelijk Hike Wedstrijden 1994: Happy Pizza Family (sign)

Brownie Certificate (certificate)